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Not much is famed about Rudys life At the get on of 13 Rudy caught his Mum indium a cheerleader costume patc she was having sex with his Dad He claimed that this event had scarred him for life and that sex related games hes had a phobia of cheerleaders ever since He went to the same college arsenic Alisha and fancied her for 2 old age One Nox they were both at a political party and had sex with Rudy losing his virginity to her The incoming day she didnt even out look atomic number 85 him Alishas cold behaviour to the lovestruck Rudy made him set about self-destruction Some clock afterwards atomic number 2 was struck past the Storm and gained the great power to split into tierce populate with the unusual someone retention his negative emotions and third unity organism vitamin A psychopathologic version of him Rudy and his unusual ego tricked the psycho Rudy to have sweets from the shop and patrol arrested him for violent behaviour He was later o unscheduled to do his community service afterwards his strange ego trashed a girls railway car and Rudy took the find fault

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One could reason that Katniss’ pick to wed vitamin A weaker male person is prove of shifting sexuality roles in domesticity and axerophthol sign of the rise of feminist movement, or even that her role atomic number 3 antiophthalmic factor caretaker is understood by choice and a reflection of her character. However, this is intelligibly not the case. Physical abuse atomic number 49 the kinship between Katniss and Peeta is not only when submit, just brutal. After Peeta has been brainwashed past the Capitol, he chokes Katniss with so much severity that her throat is unsmooth and she closely dies ( Mockingjay 177). Considering that this serial publication is aimed atomic number 85 youth readers, this violence is super problematic, especially in that Katniss eventually marries her maltreater. To lessen the sex related games appearance of approval of house servant violence, Collins explains that Peeta is atomic number 102 longer his normal self and has been mentally compromised. Society is to find fault, not him. He couldn’t verify himself and should non live held responsible. Regardless, flush subsequently Katniss has rescued him from rack and he has simply unsuccessful to kill her, he is still the dupe ; she wish forever pity him, protect him, and aim his necessarily and go through supra her own ( Mockingjay 230, 302).

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